Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What are you reading now? Ahora, que estan leyendo?

Don't be shy, register your comment! What are you reading now?

I finished Land of Mango Sunsets. It started off slow but it got better after a new young tenant, having a relationship with an older married man, moves in and brings a new dynamic into the household. The interaction between the leading character, Miriam, and her tenant and closest friend, Kevin, reminded me of Will with a middle aged Grace as in the TV comedy, "Will and Grace". In the prologue readers get a hint that the book is going to be about Miriam making mistakes, forgiving herself, and starting afresh.

It's a story about family dynamics: the mother-adult daughter dynamic, the mother-adult sons dynamic, the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law to be dynamic. It also deals with the abusive man-woman relationship and the middle-aged man-woman relationship.

Charlotte just finished reading The Skeleton in the Closet by M. C. Beaton and it does not feature Agatha Raisin or Hammish Macbeth. Of course, she passed the book to me. I am only on page 9 and already it is interesting. Fellworth Dolphin is a forty year old virgin and only son who gave up his youth to serve the needs of his parents. He spent his youth working as a waiter handing over his pay check to his sick father to support the family. On his death, he continued handing over his check to his elderly mother so at 40 he never had savings acount. On the death of his mother he discovers he has inherited a large sum of money from his parents. The mystery is where did the money come from, and why did the parents allow the family to live from hand to mouth when there was money in the bank?

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