Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reflections in the Nile

I have not finished reading the book Reflections in the Nile but this is really some deep reflection going on in Ancient Egypt. Chloe is on vacation with her sister in Egypt. She goes on a tour of a temple then decides she is going to hide and take photos from this temple after everyone leaves. Mysteriously she is whisked into a different century into the body of a priestess, RaEmhtepet called Ra Em for short. It is during the reign of Pharaoh Hatshepsut and her nephew Prince Thutmosis 111.

Initially, Chloe loses her ability to speak, gains access to Ra Em's mind in Ra Em's pregnant body and maintains her green eyes. The writer confuses me a bit because later on in the book,it seems Chloe is in her own body but still with Ra Em's skin. Anyway, in this ancient Egyptian world she disovers she is engaged to the obnoxious and crude Nesbek but there is sexual tension between her and Chieftu, Egyptian healer, and personal friend and counselor to the Pharaoh. Chloe suspects that Ra Em has also time traveled and is in her (Chloe's)body creating havoc in twentieth century Egypt.

Prince Thutmosis has some challenges in his role as Pharaoh-in-waiting. He has to deal with RaMoses, renamed Moshe, and his brother Aharon, the very ones we know as the biblical Moses and Aaron. RaMoses is in Egypt to set his people free so that they can worship their God, Elohim. The book really gets interesting after Chloe disappoints Thut and runs off with Chieftu.

I'll keep reading.

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