Thursday, January 05, 2006

Books for that Weight loss Resolution

USA Today has a very interesting article in Wednesday's paper called, How the new diet books measure up by Nanci Hellmich. She looks at books that cover a myriad of diets that I have never heard of before, The Flavor Point Diet by David Katz of VH1 Celebrity Fit Club fame, Weight Watchers Family Power, The Supermarket Diet, How the Rich Get Thin, and The Sonoma Diet. She also recommends some other books that I am very familiar with from reading First For Women magazine and Reader's Digest, under the caption"Also on the shelf" These include, Body For Life, French Women Don't Get Fat, and The Volumetrics Eating Plan.

An offshoot of French Women ..., not mentioned in the article, is Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat by Naomi Moriyama. This highlights the benefits of fresh food, small portions, brown rice, fruits and vegetables, and of course soy products.

Think healthy this year!

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